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June 2nd, 2016 by

McLarty Mazda
Branding of SUV’s has been a bit of a challenge for auto brands in the US, with some being positioned as sporty or expressive, to create a bigger appeal. Mazda has taken its own C-X9 as a smooth blend of luxury and family friendly.

The seating is a clear indicator of this intention, with the three row seating of an SUV meant to accommodate up to seven people. The interior is nicely balanced with heated seats, blind spot monitoring, and keyless entry to name a few features. In the event of needing to load the vehicle, the second and third row of seats can be laid down, leaving enough room for you, your kids, and anything else you may need, whether it’s a trip to soccer practice or a family trip to the lake. A powered rear lift gate provides a hands free easier access. The audio system consists of 12 Bose speakers throughout the vehicle for all encompassing sound that everyone can enjoy. A central touchscreen, easy access USB ports, and three-zone climate control top off the design of the exterior, meaning everyone can be comfortably situated for those long family trips.

The outside design of the C-X9 creates a sleek upscale look with its prominent grill and multi-plane surfacing. This is only complemented by the LED headlights, and standard 18-inch wheels. A balance between size and nimbleness is exactly what the C-X9 design has accomplished.

Under the hood rests another feature of the C-X9 that is definitely worth mentioning. The new engine is powered by a 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder turbo making 310 pound-feet of torque, and 250 horsepower. This new model is 132 pounds lighter than the old V6 engine, as well as more fuel efficient, meaning more money saved on family outings. The handling of the vehicle itself is steady and responsive, making sure to keep. The brakes are gentle, and the chassis absorbs the force of the road to make a body roll almost nonexistent. The sound factor has also been taken into account, with increased insulation reducing noise from the engine and outside. The reduction in noise and motion is perfect for those late night drives trying to get the little ones to go to dreamland.

This emphasis on quiet luxury for family is only supported by the safety features put into the vehicle, one of these being the new i-Activ all-wheel drive system that provides quicker response with traction loss, and 80 percent less driveline loss than the last model. This is all part of the entire I-Activesense. This safety system features various things like collision warning, lane keeping assistance, high beam control, and blind spot monitoring. All of this serves to enhance the image of the C-X9 as a family friendly vehicle. This creates a peace of mind knowing you can rely on a vehicle to take you and the family safely, and comfortably wherever you go.

The C-X9 presents a value that everyone, especially families should consider. The idea of a family friendly luxury look is created with the style and performance it presents. The price of the vehicle fits a family budget as well, selling for less than other luxury style vehicles. Overall, the C-X9 features many great aspects that are perfect for the family on the go, whether it be ballet or baseball, or even a nice vacation, Mazda definitely keeps family at the center, where it belongs.

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